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Professional Experience

Since 1976, full time has been devoted in being a partner in Wescotek, Inc., a business that started out as a small contract research and development organization.

Our initial projects involved consulting services to small food manufacturers. A major emphasis was in the areas of health foods, pet foods, institutional products and propriety industrial ingredients.

In 1978, we started a manufacturing subsidiary called Wellington Foods, Inc., which was built up as a contract packer of proprietary health food products. Sales for this organization exceeded one million dollars per year when the company was divested in July of 1992 due to our desire to concentrate more time on projects unrelated to our self-manufacturing.

In prior years positions have been held as a product development section head in a major pet food company, and senior soft moist pet food scientist in another pet food industry leader. Extensive experience was also gained in aseptically sterilized dairy products, emulsified spreads, syrups, desert sauces, aerosol food systems as well as in the production of center-filled, expanded dry and soft-moist snack food products.

Academic Experience

California State University, Dominguez Hills     MBA International Marketing June 1978
Pennsylvania State University                              M.S.   Food Science 1968
Pennsylvania State University                              B.S. Food Science 1966

Personal Data

In our spare time, my wife Carol and I like to sail, ski and do lots of foreign travel.

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Education:                B.S.   Food Science & Engineering, Oregon State University
                                    M.B.A.   Management, Cal State University

Other Training:      HACCP Certified (National Marine Fisheries)
                                    Sea Food Sensory Training (MSU & N.M.F.)
                                    Better Process Control School (N.F.P.A.)


Present Position:  Owner, President, Wescotek, Inc.


International food processing consultant with special emphasis in canned tuna. Have successfully completed consulting work in over 18 countries. General manager with expertise in Yield and Quality Improvements. Experience includes 2 years as Factory General Manager at Unicord in Thailand, four years as a Senior Technologist at Star Kist Foods and 5 years as Operations Manager at a major frozen food company. Other human and pet food experience includes sales, market research, quality control, product development and production management.

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 Professional Experience

A position in the Mexican seafood industry working with smoked fish products that have been vacuum sealed for distribution in the Mexican national market has provided numerous training and technical opportunities.

More valuable experience was obtained while holding a position as manager of quality assurance in another major seafood processor for about 8 years. This position was responsible for the technical management of the quality assurance and control functions, the company's industrial cleaning and sanitary programs and the supervision of qualified and approved co-packers.

Academic Recordonal Experience

Instituto Technologico Del Mar-Mazatlan                                              Marine Foods Engineer
Instituto Technologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey         Diplomado en Calidad-Productividad
University of Arizona                                                                                   Instruction Course Better Process Control

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