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One of our strong points at Wescotek is our experience in the import-export market. We are involved on an ongoing basis in both the import of raw ingredients and finished products and also the export of products produced in the United States.

The majority of our contacts are in Asia and Latin America and we are increasing our presence in Europe, primarily in Spain.

From an import standpoint, we have experience in setting up and qualifying foreign canneries with the FDA and have been involved with the documentation requirements for a wide range of food products and ingredients imported into the United States.

We have a wide range of international contacts for sourcing unique products and ingredients internationally. We have also been instrumental in developing joint ventures and manufacturing relationships where Wescotek or Wescotek clients install specialized equipment in foreign facilities and produce end products for import and distribution in the United States.

We have a Spanish speaking sales engineer on staff, and we also have representation agreements with affiliates in Japan, the Philippines, Thailand and Spain.

The scope of our international experience is growing and we look forward to discussing how Wescotek and our affiliated trading partners can assist your company in penetrating the lucrative export market.