Albacore Tuna

Wescotek has been active since 1976 as food industry consultants, contract research and development, and industrial ingredient suppliers on both a domestic and international basis. Our staff is composed of skilled food technologists with backgrounds in a wide range of products and with the business education and experience to bring a practical approach to technical service assignments in the food industry.

We maintain a well-equipped product development laboratory and pilot plant facility in Los Angeles, California. We have worked for more that 20 years serving numerous clients in a wide range of primarily food industry segments.

We have a strong background in a number of different market segments but we have special emphasis in the areas of seafood, pet food, nutritional food supplements, and extruded food products.

Please review the numerous sections of our Web Site to gain a better understanding of our background and experience. We look forward to discussing with you how Wescotek can assist your company in any technical issues related to the food industry.