Contract Research and Development:




We have a laboratory and pilot plant facility that is well equipped to handle prototype development on a wide range of food products.

One of our strong points is formulation and process development. In our pilot plant, we can produce product prototypes that are run in large batches so that the product characteristics will be representative of what will be produced on a large high speed line. Our batch sizes, however, are small enough that we can rapidly and economically produce finished product prototypes for our clients.

A list of our major pieces of process equipment is identified below and pictures of some of our equipment is incorporated at the end of this list. Follow the links...


Formulation Laboratory Commitrol Emulsifier FTS Freeze Dryer
Wearever Conveyor Oven Paoli Deboner Colton 250 Tablet Press
Single Punch Press California Pellet Mill CL-2 Buffalo 15T Mixer
Vacuum Massager Gaulin 2 Stage Homogenizer Unger Piston Filler
Autoclave Gaulin 2F Colloid Mill Acme Sheeter
Coating Pan Oakes Continuous Mixer Hobart Vertical Cutter